Sunday, April 09, 2006

balmy night dragon

on a balmy night we tucked in with the mosquitoes into firefly's ashram, cow's paradise off kanakpura road. nothing overly dramatic happened. (the last time around at the jhatre a scorpion made an appearance and a lot of brouhaha ensued). memorable all the same. look forward to another year now.

satchmo breathes

uncle satchmo in a red hawaii shirt with bausch & laumb for a crown. what a wunnerful world.

blow horn ok please

this man is bonafide legend. only, i'm a little bad with horn blowers' names as a rule. could barely stand, see and i suspect hear also. but blew the sax like a dream. sax only.

when in danger...

when in danger or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout. this chap made all of that look awfully good.

esperantoeing a thin line

esperanto were surprisingly impressive. robin, why do i get the feeling my computer is burning?

les hermits

karthik das baul was a show stealer alright. samurai jack from shonar bangla in a patchwork quilt kimono. we'll let that one pass. ki?


oikyotaan got everything right for most part. for one fleeting moment i came close to forgiving em bongs.

do the baul

strange hairdo. strange outfit. strange intense look. strange calm. oh gawd! i went a little happy on the shutter.

baul problem

baul's have strange points to make (about being unable to perform namaaz from the toilet according to one version). and stranger ways of making them.

count bassie

the israelis are everywhere. a far flung friend recently walked up to a bunch and asked them to return to their promised land. you can empathize with the chap. this particular specimen now twiddles at a bass guitar with esperanto. or has he been there forever?

kamuk krazee

i think it's called a kamuk. not certain at all. two strings pulled taut in a drum. and the baul goes at it with a strange leaf shaped plastic plectrum.

le qawwali du shivajinagar

they seated themselves, two mute assistants, smelly feet, funny gadgets et al. and it was 'bombs away' as they let loose every overkilled qawwali piece on the planet.